My name is Tadek.1

I live in Warsaw where I was born and raised.

I have a bachelor degree in Cognitive Science and I'm a software developer at Readwise.

Apart from programming topics I am currently trying to educate myself about economy, stock market and all that jazz.

Couple of things I like:

  • loud laughter
  • well-constructed metaphors
  • the scent and humidity of air after rain
  • rib eye steak
  • tea

Couple of things I dislike:

  • arrogance
  • lying out of "good" intentions
  • the scent of musk
  • getting rid of the fish bones while eating a fish

The title comes from Knut Hamsun's novel Hunger.

Reading time estimation assumes that you read 250 words per minute.

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  1. It's short for Thaddeus and is pronounced: Ta+dec as in tambourine and declaration