Ribbon Farmexperiments in refactored perception says it all.
Dave Chapman's very interesting take on meaning.
LessWrong — rationality for the XXI century. I feel that the guy who started this site could be the smartest bloke on the planet.
Cal Newport will tell you how to manage your time efficiently & wisely.


Joe Rogan Experience
Talk Python To Me
Jordan Peterson Podcast
Waking Up with Sam Harris
The Bryan Callen Show
Hardcore History

IT stuff

Here you can check if your e-mail has been compromised.
Encrypted Dropbox (& more)? There you go.
Nice visualisation of tree search algorithms.
40 Key Computer Science Concepts Explained In Layman’s Terms.
ADUni — this undertaking was exceptional and Shai Simonson explains things as good as Herbert Gross does.


This site was made with Pelican. If you want to make one for yourself I reccomend this tutorial.
A lot of web python at Full Stack Python.

Interesting talks

Max Tegmark is a funny Swede who can give you chills.
What does it take to be an expert at Python?


My friend's and roomate's blog.
If, like me, you are into tea — there is reddit for us!
Principles by Ray Dalio