Here I describe my software projects.

Lesson Ninja

By far my most advanced side project. Together with my friend Maciej we are developing tools for second language teachers to save their class prep time.


I wanted to learn VueJS, so I build this small PWA that lets you keep track of your loans and debts. Apart from Vue I used FastAPI library and PonyORM for the backend side of things.


This is a very simple cli that enables you to comment out specific lines in a given file.


A simple literature generator, that naively imitates the style of a writer.

Textual Derivations Corpora

For a year I was a part of a project concerned with proposing a methodological enhancement to the way Recognizing Textual Entailment corpora are annotated in order to facilitate qualitative evaluation of RTE systems.

To this end the notion of Textual Derrivation was forged and two corpora (RTE-3 and FraCaS) were dully extended with the derrivations.

I proposed to make a website wherein apart from downloading our materials the corpora could be freely browsed on-line. I took this task upon myself gladly since I wanted to learn Django. In the process I learned a little React as well and my first adult website was made (last time I did some web developement was back in 2004, with HTML 3.2 book in my laps).


PIATA is a simple but challenging mobile math game. It has a kind of snaky feel, which I really like.

Short history

In the autumn of 2014 my friend Adam was invited to prepare something for an art exhibition curated by students from New Media Art department. He had an idea to make a couple of old school video games that would run on Arduino and he asked me to help him invent these games.

We made five of those. Couple of days before the exhibition Adam found out that due to unknown reasons his Arduino will crash every time he wanted to make all five accesible for playing. We had a choice: we could either choose the first four games or the fifth one which was the most advanced (probably this was in some way related to the crashing). We chose the latter and after it being quite a hit on the exhibition we decided to make an app out of it. Adam did all the coding since I had no experience in web development back then, so it's more his child then mine. I'm ok with the role of the cool uncle though.

The name comes from the polish word piąta which means fifth.


Check out my various one-file snippets.